Hi, I'm Greg,

a Product and UX/UI designer. I’m currently the Principal UX Designer at Activision, working on their Call of Duty properties. I’m passionate about crafting digital products and experiences that delight and engage users, and building teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Informa Markets

Designing and Building an Event Website Builder

I was asked to design a system in Adobe Experience Manager that would enable marketing teams to build event websites quickly, efficiently, and flexibly for 300+ brands.

Skills Applied:

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Design Systems, Responsive Design


Building a Flexible Design System For Multiple Sites

HDI & ICMI wanted to align the UX of their 12+ event websites, and optimize them for quick builds and easy maintenance. The system we built did that and more.

Skills Applied:

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Design Systems, Mobile Design Systems

Informa Markets

Reimagining an Established Family of Brands’ Digital Space

Informa Markets Engineering tasked me with designing a new series of websites that better reflected the updated branding of their co-located events.

Skills Applied:

UI/UX Design, Design Systems, Brand Design, Art Direction

Informa Markets

Making a Schedule Builder That’s More Usable and Useful

I was asked to reimagine how attendees interact with an event’s schedule, and develop a solution that could be adapted for 300+ events and multiple devices.

Skills Applied:

Product Design, UI/UX Design, Mobile Design

Other Works

You don’t actually want to read a whole case study for all my work, do you? Here are some snapshots and highlights of other projects I’ve been working on.

Aw, Shucks...You’re Making Me Blush

I hate talking about myself, but I’m happy to let others do the talking for me.

A Bit More About Me

I’m currently based out of Syracuse, NY, but I work with clients around the globe. I’ve been designing and building digital products for twenty years, and during that time I’ve had to wear many hats in an industry that seems to be obsessed with titles. UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, Front End Developer, Art Director, Design Director, Creative Director…I’ve done it all, and most of the time I’m fulfilling several roles at once. I’m passionate about my work, and intensely interested in opportunities that allow me to do meaningful design that impacts peoples’ lives.

Let’s get in touch! Read more about me here.

I’m always up for collaborating with good people that have great ideas – if that’s you, drop me a line.I’m currently looking for a full-time remote opportunity that would allow me to work as part of a phenomenal creative team, so please reach out if you’re in need of an experienced designer to elevate your business.

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